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The Final Station of Traveling to Tibet

Tibet is full of mystery and holy statues .Now let’s 
uncover the mystery of Tibet and experience the amazing 
scenery of the two Sacred Lake!

The sixth destination:Yamdrok Lake !After climbing 
over the 4990 meters Gangbala snow mountain ,we reached 
Yamdrok Lake ,whose altitude is 4441 meters and  lake 
shoreline is 250 kilometers .What’s more ,Yamdrok Lake 
is the biggest inland lakes of the northern peaks of the 
Himalayas and its glamour is like a irregular sapphire 
which is a gift of the nature !

The seventh destination :Lake Manasarovar !Lake 
Manasarovar is surrounded by 8 temples ,becoming 
the biggest transparent lake in China .It looks 
like nothing can disturb its peace and harmony and 
all the worldly hubbub has been shut outside !


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