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Brand concept

We have many competitors in each sector we operate in, but many copycats, some compete, solely on price and after sales service is questionable and we are still the best provider to offer inovative research with long warranty without using any third party finance suppliers.
■We offer the best products and services at the best prices
■Extensive knowledge within all the industries we cater for
■Established market leaders and innovators
■Professional R&D team and Innovation capability
■Stringent Quality Control & Fast delivery
■Long Warranty & in-time after-sales service

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Service address:Company:Shenzhen Tinfull technology Co.,Ltd.
Address:6F/8F,C1 Block,chang fang industrial park,ju long shan 3nd road,big industrial park,long tian street,ping shan district,Shen Zhen city.518118,China. 
Contact name:Ms.Chen Yao Yao
TEL:+86-755-84117309 E-mail:info@runbo。net
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